How does the website re-size and manage photos?

The images you upload are automatically re-sized for use on the website.  Because screen resolutions have improved over time, we record the maximum size we have each image stored at.  This helps us decide how to display images, and in some case whether we can show an image or not.

Size Dimensions (px)
S 180 x 120
L 280 x 190
XL 560 x 373
XXL 940 x 627
XXXL 1600 x 1067
XXXXL 2400 x 1600

To find out the size of the images you have currently on your listing go to Listing > Edit listing > Manage Pictures.  If you have images that are shown as XL or smaller, you should take time to replace them. This ensures you have the best quality pictures displayed with your listing.  If you’re not sure what size photos you have - try uploading them.  The website will automatically re-size to the maximum obtainable size given the image you upload.

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