How are listings published on the HomeAway network?

Bookabach listings are now published across the HomeAway network of websites [1].  This means that regular users of these websites can look and book New Zealand and Pacific Island properties, just as they would any other property using their local HomeAway website - that they know and trust.

How information is sent to HomeAway

Bookabach provides a feed to HomeAway of the following:

Listing content: Comes directly from the information you’ve supplied to Bookabach.  You have full control of your listing via Edit Listing on Bookabach. Updated daily
Rates: Your pricing is sent daily to HomeAway in the form of a feed of “rates”.  We generate a chronologically ordered rate table based on the pricing you have set up in Bookabach.  Your listing WILL not be published if your pricing is not defined.  It MAY not be published if your pricing is not 100% defined over your entire selling period. Updated daily
Availability: Property availability is updated every few hours on HomeAway based on confirmed bookings in Bookabach. Updated several times a day

From this feed HomeAway extracts all the information it needs to publish your content across the global network of HomeAway websites (and mobile app). 

Minimum content requirements

All Bookabach listings, whether Subscription Plan or Performance Plan CAN appear on the HomeAway network - and there are no additional costs associated with gaining access to the network[2].  We’ve made some changes to Listing Completeness to better match HomeAway’s. If your listing is showing as 100% complete and your pricing is up to date you’ll be on the network. Refer to your Dashboard To Dos list to see if you have a problem.

Help: What is the To Dos list and where do I find it?

How listings are ordered on the HomeAway websites

HomeAway has its own proprietary listing ranking algorithm so Bookabach ranking is not preserved.

How enquiries are processed

All enquiries come via Bookabach, and we send these on to you just like any other Bookabach enquiry. They’ll show as having come via “HomeAway”. In your Dashboard Notifications they’ll show as having come from a NON-MEMBER. This is because they’re not a Bookabach Member since they haven’t created a membership on the Bookabach. Once you view or open the booking you’ll be able to see the enquirer’s details.

Managing expectations around “service level”

BYO linen may be difficult for an overseas visitor. Also, depending on where they come from, they may not be familiar with the “leave it as you found it” Kiwi tradition.  Because of this, we automatically add listing text on HomeAway to indicate when cleaning and/or linen is not provided.

We strongly recommend you at least provide linen if you can. You can add it as an “optional extra” which would allow the domestic traveller to still BYO - and save on linen charges.

What to do if you can’t find your listing on HomeAway

Check the following:

1) Check and complete your Dashboard To Dos list (See your Dashboard)

2) Check that you have your property address entered correctly and that the Google map pin is shown in the correct location for the property.

3) Check that the HomeAway website you are using is carrying Bookabach content (see list below)

4)  On the HomeAway website: try searching using the exact title of your listing and in the Oceania section of the HomeAway website you’re using.

If you’ve made changes to your listing please allow 24 hours for them to update on HomeAway.  If you have done all of this and still can’t find your listing the Contact Us.

HomeAway websites

SiteCountryBookabach listings
www.cyberrentals.comUSAYes (French)Yes
www.homeaway.caCanada (English)Yes

[1] All HomeAway websites that are on the Network, capable of taking a feed of listings and where we’ve elected to publish.
[2] Performance Plan success fees and Pay per Booking Commissions apply on bookings received from HomeAway network travellers.

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