How do I manage rental payments through Bookabach?

The website has a number of payment related features.  This help article provides an overview of how payment works on Bookabach.  In many cases there are more detailed help articles related to specific features.

Setting up payment choices

Under your Settings > My Settings > Payments you’ll find payment choices.  You can choose to accept payment via online credit card payment (OLP) and/or Internet Banking (IB) and/or Bookabach Gift Vouchers.  All properties are required to accept Bookabach Gift Vouchers; there are no fees for taking them and they’re as good as cash.  We strongly recommend you use OLP.  You’ll need it for any inbound travellers and it’s a required payment method if you want to use the online booking (OLB) feature.  The IB option is useful for domestic travellers in cases where you’re not using OLB or when a traveller prefers to not pay by credit card.

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Online bookings
Online payments (Payment Gateway)

How a traveller pays

When Online Booking is used:  If the traveller chooses the “Online Booking” option, they will receive a quotation, have entered their credit card details and approved the initial payment of a deposit.  This results in a pending credit card payment on the booking.  If you accept the Online Booking, their credit card will be charged (as long as the quotation isn’t increased or over-ridden) and the booking will be Confirmed - all automatically.

On a standard enquiry: If the traveller makes a standard enquiry (with “Request a booking” or “Enquire”) then no credit card payment information is taken from the traveller and payment will be delayed until they’ve received your notification of acceptance of the booking.

Once a booking is Accepted, if payment is due, then we will direct the traveller to make their payment, or get internet banking payment instructions, by logging into Bookabach.  We strongly discourage you from sending Internet Banking (or other) payment instructions in your personal email.  It creates a serious fraud vulnerability.  It’s far safer for us to direct a traveller to log in securely to Bookabach to make a payment, or to get internet banking payment instructions using account information we’ve validated.  We include a “Make a payment” footer in any emails you send via Bookabach to prompt the traveller to do this.

If the traveller pays by Credit Card or Bookabach Gift Voucher, then Bookabach handles the funds. They sit in our Commercial Trust Account and are paid out to you (drawn down) after the stay has Completed. 

In the case of internet banking, we provide clear instructions to the traveller, who then makes this payment “off platform”.  We ask them to “verify” they’ve made a payment.  When they do this, we notify you that they’ve made a Verified Internet Banking payment.  But, it’s an off platform payment and they’re not paying through Bookabach - they’re paying you, into the bank account you’ve given us.

Keeping track of when payments are due

Go to Payments > Payments Schedule to see the payment status on all of your future (and recently completed) bookings.  We show you how much has been paid (green bar), how much is left to pay (grey bar), how much is overdue (red bar) and whether there are any pending verified IB payments (yellow bar).

Handling cancellation refunds

If your guest needs to cancel a booking, then you will receive a cancellation request from them - or they may notify you directly.  On cancelling the booking we’ll automatically calculate the applicable cancellation charges and you can determine what if anything needs to be refunded to the traveller.

In cases where an online payment (credit card) or Bookabach Gift Voucher has been used, we’ll always refund to the credit card and/or voucher first (an anti-fraud measure).  We’ll calculate the refund that needs to be processed.  After you’ve approved the refund instruction we’ll make the refund from our Commercial Trust Account back out to the traveller (or credit their voucher).

In the case of off-platform payment, you’ll need to make the refund (via internet banking or other means) and record that you’ve done this. 

To help you know which bookings potentially require a refund we show bookings that have a credit balance - i.e. where money appears to be owed to the traveller.  See Payments > Refunds

Viewing your funds held in Trust

Go to Payments > Trust Account to view the money we have sitting in the Commercial Trust Account related to your bookings. 





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