Can I change from one listing plan to another?

We’ve been simplifying our listing plans as we move rapidly to an entirely transactional Pay Per Booking model. Plan changes are now limited to moving from Annual Subscription to Pay Per Booking.

How to determine what plan you are on

1)  Go to, log in and go to the Dashboard page.
2)  Go to Settings > Property Settings and scroll to the Products section at the foot of the page.

Plan change rules

The following plan rule changes apply:

From plan To plan Rules
Annual Subscription Plus Pay Per Booking
  • No commission charges on bookings received prior to move. 
  • No credit given on remaining subscription value. Ranking payment points still apply.
Pay Per Booking Annual Subscription Plus
  • Not supported

To change from one plan to another

1)  Go to and log in.
2)  Select the relevant property, if you’ve got more than one.
3)  Go to Property Settings.
4)  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Change Listing Plan” button.
5)  Select the new plan and follow the prompts from there.


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