How do I add a property manager to my property?

If you use, or want to use, a local property manager you can add them to your property on Bookabach.  You can choose to have them handle your rental enquiries (or not) and they can see who’s coming to the bach and when.

To add a property manager you must first HAVE THEM create a membership (if they’re not already a member).  They’ll need to supply their phone numbers if you plan on having them act as the Rental Contact.  Once they have done this:

1) Log into

2) Go to Property Settings - the link under “Settings”.

3) Click on Edit Property Members

4) Use the +Add member link in the Members table and enter the relevant details.

5) Choose Property Manager as the member type.  Select what roles you would like this Property Manager to be assigned to (Admin Contact, Rental Contact, Billing Contact).  The Admin Contact has overall control of the listing and is the only person who can add/remove property members.

6) Click the “Next” button, then click the “Send” button.

We’ll automatically send them an invitation email with your personalised message.  Once they’ve accepted this invitation, the roles you’ve assigned will be automatically transferred over.

Note that multiple people can manage rental on Bookabach but only one person can be the Rental Contact for rental-related correspondence.

When the new member has been added, you can decide what access (permissions) to allow within the property account (Property Settings > Property Member > Roles & Permissions > Show > Edit).

Feedback requests will be sent to the person who was the Rental Contact at the time the booking request was lodged.

If you want to transfer any funds held in Trust to the new manager so that the details show on the Payments > Trust Account page of his/her property account, please put in a support request and give your authorisation for this to happen.

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