How do Quotations work?

About Quotations

The website automatically creates a quotation whenever a rental booking is created.  It does this for bookings received via the website and bookings you add manually.  The quotation is based on:

Quotations can show as one of a number of quotation states:

ESTIMATED: Means a quotation has been automatically created successfully.  You should check it prior to accepting the booking.

INCOMPLETE: Means a quotation has been created but has missing line items - typically because pricing isn’t defined on one or more days.

TOO LONG: We only automatically quote for stays less than 60 days.  If the stay is longer than this you’ll need to override the quotation (see below).

VALIDATED: Once a quotation has been validated by you, by either accepting the booking or clicking the Validate Quote button, it will show as validated.

Editing a Quotation

To edit a quotation, Open the relevant booking and click the Quotation tab in the middle of the page.  You’ll find links to edit, delete or add pricing information.  If you can’t edit the quotation, please see the section below on how to re-set a quotation.

Re-set a Quotation

To re-set a Quotation:
1) Click the Re-Quote (or Create Quote) button.  You may need to click “OK” to confirm that you want to do this, if a pop-up box appears.  This will reverse out the current charges and allow the quotation to be edited.
2) Click the Quotation tab (in the middle of the page). 
3) If the Edit (pencil) or Delete (bin) symbols aren’t showing, click the Reset quotation link (right-hand side of the Quotation box).  Click “OK” in the pop-up box to confirm that you want to do this.
4) Make any required changes.
5) Once the quotation is correct, click the green Validate Quote (or Convert Quote > Charge) button.

When you reset a Quotation it will overwrite any manual edits and bring in new pricing based on your Tariffs, Extras and Discounts.  Originally requested Extras are preserved unless that extra is no longer provided (i.e. you’ve deleted it).  Any new required extras will be added into the Quotation. 

Overriding a Quotation

You can manually override the quotation using the Override link (located in the Total Quoted box), and specify a single quoted value.  OVERRIDDEN will show on the quoted value if this is done.


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