How can I change the Rental/Billing/Admin Contact (Roles) for my listing?

You can have as many members you like associated with your property.  Contact Roles however need to be unique.  You can only have one Rental Contact, one Billing Contact and one Admin Contact.  They can be the same person - or roles can be split across multiple members. 

* The Admin Contact has ultimate authority and ownership of the listing.  Only the Admin Contact can add members, change permissions and change roles.
* The Billing Contact gets any account related correspondence and is responsible for paying for any charges.
* The Rental Contact receives any rental related correspondence and is responsible for responding to rental enquiries.

To change a Contact Role:

1) Go to and log in.
2) Select the relevant property, if you’ve got more than one.
3) Go to Settings > Property Settings.
4) Click the Edit Property Members button.
5) Click the Roles and Permissions link.
6) Assign the role(s) to the relevant member and click Save.

Before you can assign a person as the new Rental, Admin or Billing contact, they must have contact phone numbers added to their personal profile (Dashboard page > My Settings > Edit Personal Details).

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