How do I add a map to my listing?

To add a map to your listing:

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Go to your Property Settings (please ensure the correct bach is selected if you have multiple properties).
  3. Go to “Edit Address” and ensure you have fully entered the property address (including the postcode).
  4. Click on Edit Map and ensure you have ticked the box to show the map on your listing.  Use the “Click here” link to re-set the map if you have edited the property address
  5. Locate the marker pin and drag this to point to the location of your bach.  Please note: you may need to adjust the zoom level.

Google Maps(TM) allows you to superimpose satellite imagery allowing you to pin-point the definition of your property.  Drag the pin so it points to the roof-top of your main building.  Scroll down the page and Save it.

Hint:  If the correct location doesn’t automatcally show on your map, check that the address is correctly recorded in Property Settings.  Use the NZ Post Address and Postcode Finder webpage to find the correct details, then record them exactly as shown.

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