How do I cancel a booking? (owners/property managers)


Should you have a cancellation, please take time to cancel the entry on your website booking calendar.  To do this:

1) Go to and log in.
2) Click on Bookings in the menu.
3) Find the booking in question by using the search facility at the top of the page, or by clicking the down-arrow in the date-range box and selecting the relevant timeframe (eg “All future bookings”).
4) Either click the down arrow on the right-hand side of the “Open Booking” button and click the “Cancel booking” link, or open the booking and click the “Cancel Booking” button. 

If you’re cancelling a Confirmed booking, you’ll be prompted whether to apply your cancellation policy.  This will automatically generate any cancellation charges, showing what may be refunded to the traveller. 

If a refund is due, the booking will show a credit balance indicating money is owed to the traveller.  You will find links to process the refund at the top of the page or in the “Charges & Payments” section of the Opened booking.  If payment was made by our credit card Payment Gateway, you will have to approve the refund to initiate this process.  If payment was made by internet banking, you’ll have to get the traveller’s bank account details and manually arrange a refund.

We do not charge commission fees on stays that do not go ahead but you need to cancel the booking on our site before the scheduled departure date.  If you can’t cancel a Confirmed in-progress booking, please notify Customer Service before the scheduled departure date and we’ll do it for you.

If you are on a commission-based plan and didn’t cancel a booking before the scheduled departure date, we can reverse the commission invoice for you, but charge an admin fee of $15 to do this.


A Confirmed booking is a legal contract and you should be doing everything possible to honour it.

If you’re unable to supply the accommodation, then you should be actively helping the renter find replacement accommodation and providing some compensation, such as paying the difference for the replacement accommodation (within reason) etc, in addition to providing a full refund.

If a renter had cancelled a Confirmed booking, then you would’ve been able to apply your cancellation terms as compensation.  Compensation works both ways, therefore if you cancel a Confirmed booking then each renter is entitled to some compensation for the severe disruption of their travel plans, regardless of how much notice has been given.

Any compensation should be directly discussed with the renter.  If you’re unable to reach a satisfactory agreement with the renter, then s/he would be eligible to lodge a compensation claim with the New Zealand Disputes Tribunal (Ministry of Justice). 

Please see this Resources article for more information.



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