How do I cancel my booking? (rental guests)

If you’ve made a booking through Bookabach but need to cancel, please directly notify the owner/manager that you are cancelling:

1) Go to and log in.
2) Click the down arrow after your name at the top of the page and select the Bookings link.
3) Locate the relevant entry and click the More Info button.
4) Click the Cancel booking button.  This will generate an email to send to the owner/manager, and you can optionally add in your own message.
5) Click the “Send” button.

If you’ve already paid a deposit, depending on the agreement you have in place between you and the owner/manager, you may forfeit some or all of the rental deposit or rental payment you have paid.  We recommend that you check the owner’s/manager’s rental terms and cancellation policy before you cancel.  If the owner/manager is using online rental terms, you can view them by following steps 1 - 3 above and clicking the Booking Statement (PDF) button.

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