How do I charge a bond or damage deposit?

Currently we have no way to “cleanly” accept damage deposits (bonds) via the website.  It’s on the To Do list for Bookabach and we hope to have a system in place soon that will allow the automatic taking and refunding of damage deposits. 

In the meantime, here’s our advice:

Make sure your potential guests are aware that you will be charging them a bond.  Do this by adding this information to your:

1.  Listing Special Conditions ( Listing > Special Conditions); and

2. Your Rental Terms (go to Settings > My Settings > Edit Rental Terms > Other Rental Terms > +Add Other Rental Term).  You must Approve any changes on the “Review & Approve” page.

Be sure to include the amount you intend to charge.  Owners/managers who do charge a bond normally ask for between $100 to $500.

Please DO NOT incorporate your damage deposit in the quotation.  This ensures you won’t be charged a commission on the bond amount if you’re on the Pay Per Booking Plan.

Ask for the bond to be paid outside of Bookabach (eg via internet banking or cash upon arrival) and refund it in the same way you collected it.  Our credit card Payment Gateway (Bookabach Online Payments) currently cannot handle refunds once a booking is Completed and Trust funds have drawn down.

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