How do I pay for my booking?

If you’ve made an online booking, using the Book now option on the site you will have already provided your credit card details and approved the payment of a deposit via our online payment facility.  Once the owner/manager of the property has accepted the booking your card will be charged and you will receive a confirmation email.

If you’ve made an enquiry using Enquire or Request a booking then, once your enquiry has been accepted, you can log back in to make a payment.  The payment options are as follows:

Online payment via credit card

Online payment is the most secure way of transacting through Bookabach.  We hold the funds in our commercial trust and release them to the owner/manager after your stay has completed. Also, by transacting through the Bookabach platform you are covered by our Book with Confidence Guarantee.

Online payment via Bookabach Gift Voucher

Bookabach Gift Vouchers are a form of online payment and carry the same benefits as above.

Off-platform payments

If you are transacting off-platform, using direct payments to the owner/manager, we highly recommend you log in to Bookabach to get this information securely.  We ask all owners/managers to provide bank account details and we validate this information electronically so we know the account numbers are correct.  Be cautious of internet banking instructions sent via email as this is not a secure method of communication.

Do not pay using cash or money wire services such as Western Union. If asked to pay to an international bank account please check with Bookabach Customer Service first!

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