How do I redeem a Bookabach Gift Voucher?

Here’s how to redeem a Bookabach Gift Voucher*:

1) Make a booking request via the Bookabach website as usual.  You must use the “Request a Booking” or “Enquire” options instead of the “Book Now” option.

Once your booking has been Accepted and the owner/manager has indicated what is owed (the Charge):

2) Go to Bookings (or click the down arrow after your name at the top of the page and select the “Bookings’ option) and use the relevant Make a payment button.

3) Choose the Pay by Gift Voucher option and enter the required details, including the code which appears on your voucher.

If there isn’t a “Make a Payment” button or you can’t redeem your voucher, please put in a support request.

It doesn’t cost an owner/manager anything to accept Bookabach gift vouchers.  The funds associated with voucher payments are held in our Commercial Trust Account and only paid to the property owner/manager after the stay has Completed. 

*Terms of Use apply.  Refer to the Gift Voucher Terms of Use which appear on your voucher.

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