How do Security Questions work?

Security Questions are used to provide an extra layer of security protection on the owner/manager website.  We use them to make sure that even if your email and password (your login details) were in the hands of a “cyber crook”, then they would not be able to take over your account.

If you haven’t already set up your security questions, you’ll be prompted to do so when you log-in.  We require three questions.  The first two, you choose from a list of pre-defined questions.  The third security question, you make up yourself.

You’ll be prompted to provide the answer to one of your security questions in the following situations:
1) You log in from a computer or browser we haven’t detected you use before.
2) You want to change any of your settings (My Settings).
3) You haven’t been asked a security question for some time.
4) You call our support desk and we need to authenticate you.

If your answers to your Security Questions aren’t being accepted or you forget them, you’ll need to put in a support request to have your questions reset.  You’ll then be prompted to set them up again.

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