I’m selling my bach and want to transfer my listing to the new owner.  How do I do this?

If you sell your holiday home it is possible to transfer ownership of your listing, complete with its trading history (guest book and ranking), to the new owner.

First, the new owner must register on Bookabach to create a membership (if they’re not already a member).  They must include their full contact details.  Once they’ve done this you can complete the transfer process.  Here’s how:

1) Go to https://manage.bookabach.co.nz and log in.
2) Select the relevant property, if you have more than one.
3) Go to Settings > Property settings > Edit Property Members.
4) Click the “+Add member” link.
5) Add the new owner as a member with their full name and email address (the one they’ve registered with on Bookabach).  Be sure to assign them the ‘Admin’, ‘Billing’ and ‘Rental contact’ roles to give them full access to the listing.
6) Click the “Next” button, then click the “Send” button.

We’ll automatically send them an email inviting them to take over the listing with an Acceptance link to click. 

Once the new owner has accepted the membership and taken over admin, billing and rental contact roles, then they can remove you from the property account.

We suggest that you print your invoices and receipts for tax/accounting purposes (go to My Account > Statements & Tax Invoices) and any Reports before transferring the listing, otherwise you won’t be able to access this information once the new owners have removed you from the property account.

Note that your Bookabach member feedback DOES NOT get transferred to the new owner as it’s about you and your dealings on Bookabach.  The property Guest Book entries remain with the property and the “ranking” you’ve achieved is preserved.

Feedback requests will be sent to the person who was the Rental Contact at the time the booking was lodged.

If you want to transfer any funds held in Trust for future bookings to the new owners, please put in a support request and give your authorisation for this to happen.

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