Should I show a map on my listing?

Whether you choose to display a map on your listing or not is entirely up to you.

Some bach owners have concerns about security and showing both availability and location information on the website.  For a would-be rental guest, this is exactly the information they need to aid their decision on finding a bach to rent, but it may be seen as useful intelligence to any burglar.

We have considered this issue for some time at Bookabach and have come to the conclusion that unoccupied properties in remote rural locations are fundamentally at risk whether you publish information on the internet or not. 
We recommend you take standard security measures around your property including:
  1. Ensure deadlocks are fitted.
  2. Hide valuables - or don’t keep any at the bach.
  3. Keep any computers, audio-visual equipment etc in places that can"t be viewed from the outside.
  4. Consider installing an alarm system. 
  5. Have a local representative or caretaker who can keep an eye on the place when it’s vacant.
  6. Make sure you have proper insurance.

Please note that listings without maps won’t be published on the global HomeAway network.

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