Should I use Book Now or Enquire?

The standard enquiry process

All properties accept enquiries, which are effectively a booking request, and you don’t have an actual booking contract at this stage.

When you make a booking request:

  • You will be provided with an instant quotation.  You can also opt-out of any optional extras (cleaning, linen etc.) at this point.
  • You can view the Rental Terms for the property as part of your enquiry.
  • Your enquiry is sent to the owner/manager of the property.  They should respond in the time frame indicated on the listing.
  • Your enquiry does not prevent any other enquiries being lodged over the same dates.
  • The owner/manager Accepts (or Declines) your request.  If Accepted, you’ll be sent payment instructions.
  • The owner/manager Confirms your booking once payment is received.

If you want to pay by Bookabach Gift Voucher, please lodge an Enquiry.

The standard enquiry process is the norm for the holiday rental industry, which is dominated by owner-managers who have day jobs and do this in their spare time.


The online booking process (Book Now)

Book Now is a stronger commitment to rent for you and the owner/manager.  Online bookable properties display the Book Now button and not all properties accept online bookings. 

When you make an online booking:

  • The dates you’ve requested are held for a period of 24 hours.  Other enquiries over the same period are blocked.
  • You pre-authorise your credit card for the deposit (or full amount if it’s a short-notice request).  Your credit card will automatically be debited if the property owner/manager Accepts your request without increasing or over-riding the quotation and there aren’t any issues with your card.
  • Your booking will be Confirmed once payment is received.

Online bookings automatically Decline/Expire after 24 hours if they aren’t manually Accepted or Declined by the property owner/manager and your credit card pre-authorisation will be voided (cancelled).


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