Travellers guide to Bookabach by HomeAway

The following information lists the answers to the questions you may have regarding Bookabach by HomeAway.

Why can’t I log in using my Bookabach password?
We have recently upgraded the Bookabach platform, and as such if you had both a Bookabach account and a HomeAway account, your HomeAway login details are now your primary log in for both the Bookabach & HomeAway websites. If you continue having issues with your login details, please reset your password.

Where are my Bookabach bookings?
You can find your Bookabach bookings by logging into and clicking on the banner found on My Trips.

Where are my saved searches?
The Saved Searches functionality has been upgraded to Trip Boards. Trip Boards save your property searches, so you can compare and keep track of changes in price and availability.

Where are my Shortlists?
You can still access your old Shortlists when you access the old Bookabach platform’s bookings section using the banner found in My Trips within or you can create a new Trip Board.

Where are my written reviews?
The new Bookabach website does not support written traveller reviews. We have migrated your historical reviews from Bookabach and have stored them for if/when in future the platform supports this functionality.

Where is my % rating as a traveller?
The new Bookabach website currently does not display your historical star rating. We have migrated this data and will display this in the near future.

Why is the brand now Bookabach by HomeAway?
While we are constantly working to drive an improved experience for all, we are also listening to your sentiments. Based on our past data and learning, we will be keeping the brand you know and love. Thus, Bookabach will still be your original holiday rental website, but powered by HomeAway technology.

Will HomeAway still exist in New Zealand?
Yes, HomeAway still exists and is the technology platform behind our product. HomeAway will continue to bring tools and improvements to make your onsite experience a better one.

What happens to my HomeAway account?
Nothing. Your Bookabach and HomeAway accounts are linked together. You will see bookings or reservations from Bookabach and HomeAway in one place.

Who do I contact for Customer Support?
The same Customer Service team will be supporting you. They will answer all your questions on HomeAway and Bookabach and are available 24/7. Meanwhile, we are also working to add new channels for you to contact us easily.

Is Bookabach still based in New Zealand?
Yes, Bookabach has a team based in Auckland to better support the needs of our customers.

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