What is a Booking Statement and how does it work?

The Booking Statement is a PDF document that provides all critical information about the booking to your guest.  It includes the following information:

  • Guest and booking details
  • Property manager (or owner-manager) name and contact information
  • Rental Terms (provided these have been supplied to us)

Once the booking is Accepted, the following information can also be found in the Booking Statement:

  • Quoted charges (if a quotation exists for this booking)
  • A Payment Schedule showing when payments are due

Then, if any Charges or Payments are recorded on the booking the following information also appears in the Booking Statement:

  • A Payment Summary showing the total charge, what’s been paid so far, and the balance remaining
  • Record of Charges and Payment information.

Booking Statements are automatically included as a PDF attachment on any emails you send via the Bookabach website.  You can also download the Booking Statement (you’ll find the link in an opened booking) and send it via Outlook or any other email software. 

Renters can view/download the Booking Statement themselves by logging into their Bookabach account, clicking the down arrow after their name at the top of the page and going to Bookings > More Info > Booking Statement.

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