What is the Bookabach Service Fee?

What it is

The Bookabach Service Fee is paid by the traveller when booking through the Bookabach website.  This fee helps pay for the operation of the website and the services we provide.  This includes facilitating secure transactions, ongoing product development, funding marketplace protections and providing customer service.  When the traveller pays the Bookabach Service Fee, they become automatically covered with our Book with Confidence Guarantee

How to pay the fee

The entire service fee is charged as part of the first payment and only charged once the booking has been Accepted by the property owner or manager.  The service fee is calculated as a percentage of the total amount charged for the transaction, including any extras and discounts.  Generally, the higher the reservation amount, the lower the percentage of service fee. 

Refunding the fee

The owner/manager does not have the ability to discount or waive the Service Fee amount. 

If a booking is cancelled by the owner/manager for any reason the fee will be refunded, along with the rental payment. 

If the traveller cancels the booking, the fee may or may not be refunded or part refunded depending on whether a rental refund is due.

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