What web browsers does Bookabach support?

We do our best to ensure that Bookabach works best across popular web browsers and operating systems.  However, given our finite development resources,  it’s not possible for us to test and support all browsers and maintain backwards compatibility to old browsers.  Here’s a list of the browsers we support (with links to download current version):

* Microsoft Internet Explorer: Version 9.x and above - Download latest
* Mozilla Firefox: Version 41 and above - Download latest
* Google Chrome: All versions - Download latest
* Apple Safari (for Mac and PC): Version 8.0 and above - Download latest
* Opera: Not tested - Download latest

We do show an alert on the website if your browser is too out of date for the site to function effectively.  Sorry, we can’t offer specific recommendations on browsers (but most of us at Bookabach are Firefox or Chrome users).

Still on Microsoft IE 6? See the IE 6 countdown page from Microsoft.

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