Why are modified digital photos unacceptable?

It’s against our terms of use to upload and publish modified images on your listing.  Modifications include:

- Borders
- Text
- Overlay images (including arrows) or logos
- Excessive filtering or colour enhancements

We have this policy for a number of reasons.  Firstly we want to provide the best and most consistent user experience.  While a bright red border on your photos may seem like a good way to attract attention, it’s also really confusing for the website user (“Why has that one got a red border? Did I click something?”). 

Secondly, we want images to reflect reality - not some hyper-saturated colour make-believe-land! 

Lastly, adding text in the form of URLs, phone numbers or company names - or logos and images may seem like a great way of getting your name out there, but it is against our Terms of Use!

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