Why does Bookabach need my Bank Account information?

Bookabach now provides Internet Banking payment instructions to your guests via their secure Bookabach membership login. We do this for the following reasons:

  • To reduce internet fraud: Providing payment instructions via email creates a vulnerability. If you inadvertently have your email account password phished and your email account hacked it is easy for someone to impersonate you and provide fake payment instructions to defraud your guest.
  • To reduce payment errors:  Providing an account number we’ve electronically validated reduces the opportunity for payment errors.
  • To streamline the enquiry and payment process: When your guest “verifies” they’ve made a payment to your Bank Account we record this and notify you.  When you acknowledge that this payment was received (by looking at your bank statement) the payment is automatically recorded in Bookabach - saving you from needing to do this.

Internet Banking payment instructions are only shown to your guest once you’ve accepted the booking and once money is showing as being owed. 

There is no charge to you (the owner/manager) for this process.  Guests who register a verified internet banking payment are eligible for higher levels of fraud protection under the Bookabach Basic Rental Guarantee.

To set up and validate your bank account go to My Settings > Bank Accounts

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