Why has Online Bookings been removed from my listing?

Online bookings (OLB) lets a traveller pre-authorise their credit card at time of enquiry and places a 24-hour hold on the dates requested. 

Online bookings must be accepted within 24 hours or they automatically decline/expire.  Once you accept an online booking request, the credit card will automatically be charged a deposit (as long as you don’t increase or over-ride the quotation) and the booking confirmed at the same time.

If OLB has been deactivated on your listing we’ll send you an email to let you know the reasons for this.  Possible reasons include:

  • Your pricing is not complete over your selling period.  Update your pricing.
  • You have an invalid tariff (POA). Update your pricing.
  • You’ve indicated you no longer respond within 24 hours. My Settings > Contact preferences.
  • Your rental terms have been changed and are not validated.My Settings > Rental Terms
  • You have excessive expired online booking requests.  Online bookings must be Accepted/Declined within 24 hours else they automatically expire.
  • You have excessive declined online booking requests.  Online bookings (Book Now) are a committed enquiry. You have the right to decline in a situation where you have concerns about the guest staying.  However, if you are declining too many online bookings you’re not meeting expectations around online booking.

You’ll need to contact Customer Service if you have excessive expired or declined online bookings and want us to re-enable online bookings on your listing.


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