How do Bookabach Gift Vouchers work? (for owners/managers)

Bookabach Gift Vouchers provide a way to pre-purchase accommodation on Bookabach.  Vouchers are paid for by credit card and the voucher is sent by email as a PDF attachment.

There are NO costs associated with accepting Gift Vouchers.  Your standard terms of trade (Rental Terms) apply as they relate to cancellation charges. 

Guests redeem their Gift Voucher online themselves once they have an Accepted/Confirmed booking with associated charges, and you will have to facilitate this process at your end.

Enabling a Booking:

You’ll need to ensure the following:

1) The booking is at least at the “Accepted” stage.
2) Either the quotation for the booking is correct and validated, or you have over-ridden the quotation and indicated an amount (charge).
3) You have online Rental Terms set up, which are valid for use with the Payment Gateway.
4) A Payment Schedule has been created according to your Rental Terms.
5) The words “Payment Instructions Shown” are displayed in the Opened booking.

Please email the renter via Bookabach and this will send a payment link, so that the renter can redeem the voucher.

Renters can also redeem a voucher by:

A) Going to and logging in.
B) Clicking the down arrow after their name at the top of the page and selecting the Bookings option.
C) Clicking the Make a Payment button for your property and entering the required voucher details. 

The booking status will be automatically updated to “Confirmed” when the voucher payment has been made.


We’ll let you know by email when the voucher payment is received, and automatically record the payment against the booking.

You can view your funds held in Trust by going to Payments > Trust Account.

You must have a Validated Bank Account to drawdown funds held in Trust.  If you don’t already have one, please follow these steps:

1.  Please go to My Settings > Edit Bank Accounts, click on “+Add bank account”, enter and Save your bank account details, then request a Validation code.

2.  Please read this help article for more information on bank account validation.

If you manage multiple properties, you can define different drawdown accounts on different properties and have us disperse funds on your behalf.

Funds held in Trust become available to you for drawdown 48 hours after the stay has Completed (excluding weekends and public holidays), and this is to allow for bank processing and any last-minute changes to the booking.

If you need help, please click the following link to put in a support request.

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