How do I set up and validate my bank account on Bookabach?

You can set up and validate your NZ Bank Account on Bookabach by going to My Settings > Bank Accounts.

Once your account is set-up and validated:

  • It can be used for drawdowns from the Bookabach Commercial Trust.  Drawdowns are payments received from Credit Cards (Payment Gateway) or from Bookabach Gift Vouchers.
  • We can use this information as a “verified payment method” to reduce any chances of fraud.

Validation is an important step as it ensures your Bank Account numbers have been entered correctly. 

To set up and validate your bank account on Bookabach, please follow these steps:

1) Go to My Settings > Bank Accounts

2) Add your bank account using the +Add bank account link.  Enter the name of the bank account (as shown in your bank statements) and the bank account number, and then click the “Next” button.

3) Click the red Validate My Bank Account button.  Once you’ve done this we’ll send a $0.01 (1c) payment to your bank account.  Please allow two working days for this part of the process. 

4) Check your bank statement for the 1c deposit.  Make a note of the alpha-numeric code on the bank statement, which starts with the letter “V”.

5) Log back in to your property account and return to My Settings > Bank Accounts.

6) Click the Complete Validation link next to the account number.  Enter the alpha-numeric reference code from the bank statement.

Provided the code you’ve entered matches what we sent you, you will now have a validated bank account.  When you email renters a Payment link via Bookabach, they will be able to log into their Bookabach account and view your verified bank account details and make an internet banking payment as usual.



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