Owners/Managers guide to Bookabach by HomeAway

The following information lists the answers to the questions you may have regarding Bookabach by HomeAway.

What are the benefits of using HomeAway technology to power Bookabach?
The HomeAway platform offers numerous benefits and technology advancements:

1. There is increased distribution through the Global HomeAway network, which means you may start to see some bookings coming through from international travellers.
2. Your current HomeAway dashboard and Owner App allows you to manage your listing content and bookings.
3. A new feature, Premier Partner program, was recently introduced to recognise owners and property managers that consistently deliver great traveller experiences within our marketplace.

Why has the ranking of my listing/s changed all of a sudden on Bookabach?
Bookabach is now completely powered by HomeAway technology and thus, the ranking of listings is determined by data from the HomeAway system. Much like the old Bookabach algorithm, the HomeAway sort order algorithm combines multiple components that aim to provide the best results for travellers based on their search criteria. This is an evolving algorithm that HomeAway continues to test and improve. Important components include traveller filters like destination, dates, number of people, instant booking, property features; listing quality (e.g. images, headlines, descriptions, reviews) and how you manage the listing, including accurate availability and pricing, speed of response and low cancellations, all may lead to high conversion rates.

Why can’t I find my listing/s in the same way I used to on Bookabach?
Bookabach has now adopted HomeAway’s search logic. We no longer list properties based on a fixed destination mapping, but take the property address and use geographical search algorithms to display the optimal results for a travellers’ given search request. As travellers scroll around the map, zoom in and out, the search results change giving them the flexibility to decide where they want to stay. This algorithm will constantly change as we test to ensure that we are serving the most relevant results to travellers, and maximising bookings for our partners.

Where will my properties be listed?
Your properties will be listed on both HomeAway and Bookabach sites.

Which dashboard should I use to manage my bookings?
If you have accepted bookings on Bookabach before migration, you can still login directly to your Bookabach Owner Admin, which is accessible via http://manage.bookabach.co.nz.

Why is the brand now Bookabach by HomeAway?
While we are constantly working to drive an improved experience for all, we are also listening to your sentiments. Based on our past data and learning, we will be keeping the brand you know and love. Thus, Bookabach will still be your original holiday rental website, but powered by HomeAway technology.

Will HomeAway still exist in New Zealand?
Yes, HomeAway still exists and is the technology platform behind our product. HomeAway will continue to bring tools and improvements to make your onsite experience a better one.

What happens to my HomeAway account?
Nothing. Your Bookabach and HomeAway accounts are linked together. You will see bookings or reservations from Bookabach and HomeAway in one place.

Who do I contact for Customer Support?
The same Customer Service team will be supporting you. They will answer all your questions on HomeAway and Bookabach and are available 24/7. Meanwhile, we are also working to add new channels for you to contact us easily.

Is Bookabach still based in New Zealand?
Yes, Bookabach has a team based in Auckland to better support the needs of our customers.

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